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How a Lifecycle Marketing Company Successfully Prepared for Its Latest Tech Acquisition

The Head of Marketing of a Leading Tech Marketing Company Discusses the Challenges and Opportunities in Pulling off a Successful Acquisition in 2018 Martech companies have understood the importance of continuous innovation, and dedicated customer success to stay on top of their competition. One of the key trends in martech is the rise of mergers and acquisitions, especially among the unicorns and start-ups that provide platforms for marketing automation, email capabilities, social media analytics and data management and…

PowerInbox Leverages Email Expertise to Help Publishers Capitalize on Multichannel Digital Monetization Opportunity

PowerInbox DynamicMail Business Unit Acquired by Optimove; Proceeds Will Fuel Investment in Product Innovation on the Heels of Profitability and a $30 Million Run Rate PowerInbox, the trusted audience engagement partner for publishers and marketers, announced that it will launch new content monetization technologies aimed at helping publishers drive new revenue through multichannel digital monetization. The strategic shift comes on the heels of three straight years of over 100 percent year-over-year company growth, driven…