PowerInbox Leverages Email Expertise to Help Publishers Capitalize on Multichannel Digital Monetization Opportunity

PowerInbox DynamicMail Business Unit Acquired by Optimove; Proceeds Will Fuel Investment in Product Innovation on the Heels of Profitability and a $30 Million Run Rate

PowerInbox, the trusted audience engagement partner for publishers and marketers, announced that it will launch new content monetization technologies aimed at helping publishers drive new revenue through multichannel digital monetization. The strategic shift comes on the heels of three straight years of over 100 percent year-over-year company growth, driven by PowerInbox’s industry-leading dynamic email personalization and monetization solutions.

“Our core technology has set the standard in email monetization, and now we’re applying those same principles to help publishers diversify and grow revenue across every digital channel,” said Jeff Kupietzky, PowerInbox CEO. “Our proven expertise, technology and expansive network give us a strategic advantage in leveraging the email address as a unique identifier for subscribers, allowing publishers to achieve one-to-one personalization across every digital touchpoint. And, we are solidly profitable—a rarity in an industry where companies raise significant sums of other people’s money.”

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PowerInbox’s fast-growing network of 85 million unique monthly subscribers across 600+ publishers powers its unique email-based personalization engine, which is more effective than using cookies or device targeting which are often inaccurate due to device sharing.

The company’s solid annual growth, profitability and $30 million revenue run rate have been bolstered by its lean business strategy, focused on investing heavily in product innovation rather than opulent office spaces or a high-overhead sales bench. As part of its new multichannel strategy, PowerInbox has sold DynamicMail to Optimove, and true to its customer-solution focus, will invest the proceeds directly into product development, leveraging its core technology into cross-channel digital monetization.

In addition to focusing on its RevenueStripe, AdServer for Email and other email monetization solutions, PowerInbox is developing innovative new monetization capacity across other subscriber engagement channels, including browser notifications, chatbots, mobile news aggregators and more.

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“Social monetization has become much tougher amid privacy concerns, lack of control and ever-changing platform policies that drive publishers’ content off the newsfeed,” Kupietzky said. “Our new tools will give publishers the ability to drive engagement and revenue across emerging and alternative channels with the one-to-one, dynamic personalization subscribers have come to expect across every touchpoint.”

The PowerInbox digital monetization ecosystem is powered by its personalized recommendation engine that serves up dynamic, multimedia content in over 175 categories. With one-to-one hypertargeting, accurate tracking and CPM billing, PowerInbox enables publishers to drive revenue, subscriber engagement, trust and loyalty for instant ROI across multiple platforms.

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