Email Signature Marketing: 10 Tips on How to Drive Leads, Increase Sales and Boost Your Social Following

This guest post was first published in March 2018.

Despite the rapid growth of social media and technologies, email remains one of the most effective marketing channels. According to a research conducted by the Direct Marketing Association and Demand Metric, email has a median ROI of 122% which is four times higher than other marketing formats such as paid search advertising or social media.

The Power Of Email

NewoldstampWhat makes an email such a powerful tool in the hands of marketers and sales reps?

Email is one of the few marketing channels that do not depend on a third party company algorithms. It gives you complete control over who will see your message, what your target audience will read, and when the communication will take place. In other words, email allows you to speak to your potential customers directly, increase the effectiveness of marketing communications through segmentation and send highly targeted personalized messages.

But not only running an email marketing campaign can bring you outstanding results in terms of ROI. You can also turn each of your employees’ daily business emails into an effective marketing channel by implementing professionally-looking interactive email signatures into your digital correspondence.

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What Is Email Signature Marketing?

So what is the difference between simply including a pretty sig to your email and doing email signature marketing? In the first case, you don’t have in mind any real objectives and not quite aware of the results this action may drive to your business. The latest means you are using an interactive signature strategically to grow traffic, build brand consistency and generate more leads.

These pieces of advice will help you understand how a purposeful usage of email signatures can bring additional value to your marketing mix and get the most out of your email signature marketing efforts.

Increase traffic by including a link to your website

More traffic and a higher percentage of returning visitors will help your website to rank higher in the organic search. Include a link to your latest post into your email signature, engage your audience with exciting content and gently remind people to come back to your site with every email sent.

Convert traffic into leads

Growing the number of your website visitors don’t make any sense if they do not convert. Include banners and call-to-action buttons to the email signature in order to drive your potential customers to a landing page or a sign-up form. Adjust your signatures and increase the number of conversions by analyzing banner campaign analytics.

Send segmented campaigns

Each of your company’s departments has its own particular goals. For instance, while marketers might be more interested in growing newsletter list, for sales managers, it might be more relevant to close a certain number of deals. Therefore, make sure that the promotional banners vary depending on the department and the communication goals. Send segmented campaigns which are aligned with your business objectives – and consequently, generate more sales and subscriptions.

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Generate more sales opportunities

Emails continue being one of the most frequent touchpoints when it comes to prospecting. Engage buyers, generate more meaningful conversations and boost sales by including a branded call-to-action. Make sure your email signature reflects your potential customers’ interests and is in line with their queries.

Build trust by nurturing prospective customers

If a decade ago marketing was all about the interruption, now things have drastically changed. If you want to sell a product, you should gain the audience’s trust first. A message full of selling pitches can ruin a relationship you were working on so hard.

An email signature allows you to move your marketing message into the bottom of your email leaving more space for human communication in the body. Offer useful resources, make sure your messages bring real value and never force your audience to take an action. Use email signatures to gently remind the recipients of discounts and sales offers.

Spread brand awareness

Considering that each of your employees sends on average 30 emails per day, by not using professionally looking email signatures you miss thousands of brand impressions monthly. Include a signature with your company name, logo, contact information to your digital communications and make sure that all of the corporate emails sent reflect your brand identity and company’s vision.

Build brand consistency

Email signature marketing platforms allow you to manage signatures for different departments and subdivisions centrally. This means you can easily build consistency among all of your digital communication channels and be sure that each and every one of your employees’ signatures meets your company brand’s standards.

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Increase your social following

By including clickable social icons, you engage your audience to start following your personal or corporate accounts on social media. Remember to keep your signature minimalistic and straightforward. Don’t overload your email with unnecessary links and include only the platforms which are relevant and up-to-date.

Pay attention to analytics to improve your marketing efforts

Effective email signature marketing strategy requires its constant evaluation. Find out which of the templates work best for you by analyzing click-through rate and identifying CTA links with advanced performance. 

Use email signatures as an additional marketing instrument

Email signature marketing should never be implemented as a separate promotional channel. Only in combination with other marketing formats can it drive notable business results. Make sure that email signatures naturally fit into your marketing mix to satisfy your customers’ needs and stick to your business objectives.


With social networking websites continually changing the rules of the marketing game, email continues being one of the few marketing channels that give full control over the audience and the message. Using interactive signatures like Newoldstamp as a part of marketing strategy allows businesses to build brand consistency, generate more sales opportunities and build trust by nurturing prospective customers with every email sent.

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