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The Top Hidden Privacy Dangers

Now more than ever before, “big data” is a term that is widely used by businesses and consumers alike. Consumers have begun to better understand how their data is being used, but many fail to realize the hidden dangers in everyday technology. From smartphones and smart TVs to location services and speech capabilities, often times user data is stored without your knowledge.  Here are some of the most common yet hidden privacy dangers facing consumers today: Geo-Location Geo-Location can be convenient, especially when you’re…

Hitting The Spot with Location Data

A Cheatsheet of What MarTech Industry Experts Had To Say About Using Location Data To Better Serve Your Customer Base  ‘Location Data Is Tying Digital Spend To Offline’ Gladys Kong - CEO, UberMedia: Despite the rise of e-commerce, the majority of real-world business outcomes still occur in offline environments beyond the reach of digital attribution models. Mobile location data is closing that gap. In the last few years, UberMedia has released multiple innovations linking business efforts and results to actual location…