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Taking a Lesson from Amazon; Why In-Store Sales Are Growing

In what seems like an about-face, brick-and-mortar retailers are seeing stronger than expected sales. How are they doing this? Well, according to a recent New York Times article, retailers are taking a page out of Amazon’s playbook to better understand consumer behavior…  something Amazon does quite well. These retailers are getting smarter and more strategic by leveraging location intelligence to understand the events people attend, where they go, and what they do in the physical retail world. Location data, as I like to…

Interview with Jeff White, Founder, Gravy Analytics

"The ability to understand - in a privacy-friendly way - the places and events that a marketer’s target audience visits are a much bigger frontier."Tell us about your role at Gravy Analytics and how you got here. What made you start a Customer Intelligence platform?  Gravy Analytics started in 2011 as a local events discovery company, recommending interesting things to do in your area. Knowing that events are often the greatest indicator of interests and passions, and seeing the gap in understanding what customers do in…