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Hagai Shechter

Prediction Series 2019: Interview with Hagai Shechter, CEO, Fraudlogix

How big is your Marketing and Sales team? Our marketing team is under 10 — a majority of our team is dedicated to data science and development. What opportunities and challenges did you and Fraudlogix identify at the start of 2018 and have things worked out as planned? The digital advertising industry is constantly evolving and 2018 saw new challenges around GDPR and ads.txt implementation. We addressed GDPR by adjusting our products to comply with the regulation. Additionally, ads.txt implementation…

New Report: 12 Percent of Global Ad Traffic is Fraudulent

Fraudlogix, an ad verification company, has released a new report that finds 12 percent of global digital ad traffic to be fraudulent, with the United States and the United Kingdom having higher percentages. It also found there to be significant differences in the amount of fraud in ad traffic between desktop and mobile channels. The ten countries with the highest volume of ad traffic observed were Argentina, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain, United Kingdom, and the United States. Of these, the United…