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Jason Shu

The Great Rush: Preparing for the Data Science Success

Today, data is the ‘oil’ that is driving every aspect of the business. And, in a scientific parlance, this data is reusable, replenishable and insightful. Every insight gleaned with data becomes valuable each passing day. With the coming of age of the Internet of Things (IoT), super-connectivity, data management, and analytics, data for business is a gold rush for all modern organizations. We provide you key insights on how to start on the path to data science success and make a dash into the ‘Great Rush’. Talk to the…

Interview with Jason Shu, SVP, Data Science, Aki Technologies

"I believe that we are going to see far more emphasis on developing models that identify the best ads to match the mindset of a consumer, without a care for whether they click on an ad or not."Tell us about your role at Aki? At Aki Technologies, we connect brands to audiences during their most receptive and relevant moments. Naturally, a lot of what we do relies on data and the smart interpretation of data, which is where my team comes in. We're focused on optimizing the delivery of marketing to mobile users and…