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Cerebri AI named a 2019 Cool Vendor in Artificial Intelligence for Customer Analytics by Gartner

Cerebri AI, announced that it has been selected by Gartner, Inc. as a ‘2019 Cool Vendor for Artificial Intelligence for Customer Analytics’, a new category created by Gartner this year that recognizes the explosive impact AI can have in understanding customers at scale. Cerebri AI, an enterprise software start-up that uses patented AI to measure a customer’s commitment to a brand, that for first time can be used directly to drive financial results via a recommended series of action(s) tailored to each customer. Examining …

Interview with Jean Belanger, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Cerebri AI

"How can brands become proactive? Firstly, we need to stop treating customers as transactions and begin to respect their journey with us as their vendor."Tell us about your role and journey into technology. What inspired you to establish Cerebri AI? Cerebri AI is my fourth startup in total. My last company, which we sold in 2015, was a data-science company focused on bringing operations research to the supply chain of the largest retailers and distributors in the world. We built state-of-the-art models to optimize the…