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Jeremy Duke

CPaaS Growing by Over 40% per Year; Twilio Leads the Charge

New data from Synergy Research Group shows that CPaaS revenues are on track to once again grow by over 40% in 2019. With revenues in the first three quarters of the year having already surpassed full-year 2018 levels, Synergy is forecasting that the full-year 2019 market will grow threefold compared with just three years ago. Twilio has been the pioneer in CPaaS and is a clear market leader with a 32% worldwide share in the third quarter. It is followed by Vonage, Bandwidth, MessageBird, Sinch and Voxbone. CPaaS…

VaaS and USB are Helping to Drive Growth in the Video Conferencing & Collaboration Market

New data from from Synergy Research shows the Q1 market for video conferencing and collaboration growing by 10% year on year to reach well over $1.5 billion, with the market being increasingly driven by two relatively small but high-growth segments – VaaS (video as a service) and USB video conferencing. These two segments each grew by well over 40%. Other high-growth segments include in-room content sharing and collaborative smart boards. Meanwhile traditional single codec room systems remain a foundation of the market,…