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Jon Lee

Interview with Jon Lee, CEO and Founder, ProsperWorks

"Successful companies manage data better than unsuccessful ones. That said, larger enterprises, by definition, have more data."Tell us about your role at ProsperWorks and how you got here. What inspired you to find a CRM platform? I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was 26 years old. I started an AdTech company that I sold at 28, traveled for a year, and then founded DNA Games which I later sold to Zynga. I decided to start ProsperWorks while I was in between companies and gave some thought to the meaning of my life and…

ProsperWorks Study Reveals the True State of CRMs in the Relationship Era

ProsperWorks Survey Shows that Business Relationships are Becoming More Complex Driven by Changes in Customer Adoption, Engagement, and Expectations, While CRM Innovation Languishes ProsperWorks, has announced a new study that measured the attitudes of sales and marketing professionals toward the state of customer management and the state of CRM innovation. The new report, titled, “The State of Customer Management in the Relationship Era,” shows that today’s digital workforce isn’t satisfied with the rate at which CRM…