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Prediction Series 2019: Interview with Joshua Smith, CTO and Founder, Kaon Interactive

Tell us about how dramatically your role evolved in 2018 with Marketing and Sales Technologies. At Kaon, 2018 was all about efficiency and process. We are experiencing huge growth in our top line, as the combination of our own sales effectiveness, and industry awareness of our company, in general, has led to a dramatic increase in the breadth and depth of our customer engagements. The challenge for us, as a software company, is to have as much of that top-line growth reach the bottom line as possible. For us, that meant…

TechBytes with Joshua Smith, CTO, Kaon Interactive

Joshua Smith CTO, Kaon Interactive Immersive Content and Visual Marketing are buzzing louder than any other marketing tool in 2018. Videos, AR/VR, and Live streaming content are perfect recipes for a powerful audience engagement at any time. We spoke to Joshua Smith, CTO, Kaon Interactive, to better understand the current state of visual marketing technologies and how his company would extend the benefits of their partnership with Google and Lenovo to customers.Tell us about your role at Kaon Interactive and the…