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Power to the People: On Walmart and Purpose

Here’s an interesting rabbit hole, if you’ve got the time: run a quick search on the terms “purpose and corporate responsibility.” In .85 seconds, you’ll pull roughly 324 M results, a cool 10 million more than what you’ll find if you google Walmart and guns. This may be a sliver of algorithmic hope for the future to those who still believe they can change the world—and are finding unexpected allies in brands that stand for something they believe in. Last week and by the hour, Walmart’s decision to change its gun…

Claritas Advances Media Analytics with Barometric’s Acquisition

Claritas Is an Established Market Player in Data Management for Their Clients. The Company Now Adds Barometric’s Media Tracking and Performance Measurement Capabilities Strengthening Its Technological Inventory Targetted advertising is one of the best ways to win and retain customers. In order to initiate targeted advertising campaigns, brands need hands-on access to a large chunk of clean data. Brand values shrink for customers if they are at the end of being exposed to unrelated advertising. Subsequently, this also…