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Lance Neuhauser

4C Launches New Cross-Channel Video Solution to Help Marketers Reach Cord-Cutters and Cord-Nevers Across Streaming Environments

Enhanced OTT Targeting Capabilities in the 4C Scope Platform Include “Elusive Audiences” Not Reachable Through Linear TV   4C, a global data science and marketing technology company, announced its Elusive Audiences offering, a new way for brands to increase the unique audience reach of their cross-channel video strategies. Through the Scope by 4C™ platform, marketers can use real-time viewership data in combination with first-party data to target viewers who don’t watch linear television, effectively extending reach through…

TechBytes with Lance Neuhauser, CEO, 4C Insights

Tell us about your recent announcement about acquiring stakes in iQ Media? We’ve made an investment and formed a new company called Kinetiq that combines iQ Media with 4C’s Teletrax. Kinetiq will operate independently and represents the world’s largest unified TV intelligence network. At 4C, we’re focused on building the leading self-service software for brands to execute video-centric marketing and optimize business outcomes. We have an unprecedented foundation of data science, engineering, and technology development…