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StrategyBox Announces $2 Million In Seed Financing To Make Customer Journey Mapping

StrategyBox, a marketing analytics platform that makes it easy to understand what marketing activities drive sales, has closed a $2 million seed round with Fuel Ventures of London, England. This investment is a first in Canada for Fuel Ventures. Mark Pearson, General Partner of Fuel Ventures, said, “Our team sees StrategyBox as the future of marketing reporting. They show a company the journey a customer takes from first touch to sale. Then provide AI-powered recommendations on what content, ads and activities most…

CallRail’s First-To-Market Google Ads Integration Allows Marketers to Capture and Analyze Leads Directly from the SERP

With this solution, marketers will instantly gain actionable insights into their lead data CallRail, a leading marketing analytics platform, announced today its first-to-market Google Ads Lead Forms Extension Integration, which enables marketers to collect lead data from Google Ads lead form extensions in real-time, and view all conversion metrics in one easy-to-use platform. Marketers need solutions in place that not only track leads from the SERP, but provide insight on what to do with this information and understand…