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8 Ways to Begin Building Marketing Resiliency Now

Over the past few weeks, we have been working closely with our clients across many different industries and sectors, all over the world, and learning that even some of the biggest global companies are struggling to keep their Marketing moving forward and collaborating remotely with their colleagues seamlessly to do so. With a significant remote workforce in place, we at SGK are thankful that we are in a strong position to help them fulfill the demands of today while preparing for the future.  While companies struggle…

Putting Consumer Privacy First Leads to More Satisfied Customers

Brands that take consumer privacy seriously have more satisfied customers and deeper loyalty. Consider that strong security can increase customer satisfaction by almost 30% and the vast majority of customers, 87%, will take their business elsewhere if they don’t trust a company is handling their data responsibly. We’ve entered an era where brands must utilize data properly or risk losing customers— it’s that simple. Privacy protection has serious implications and has become the “new strategic priority.” Paramount in…