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Marketers Need to Focus More on Psychology Than Technology Says Quantcast CTO Peter Day

AI and Machine Learning Used like ‘Punctuation Points’ in Marketing Presentations At a series of marketing and agency industry events in Sydney and Melbourne last week, Quantcast Global CTO Dr Peter Day shared his insights into how companies can survive and prosper in difficult climates whilst creating great products that disrupt with lasting impact. Based upon a career working at the cutting edge of AI and machine learning, Day said agencies and marketers need to do three things to confront the incoming headwinds of…

Predictions Series 2018: Add More Science and Personalization to Your Storytelling Initiatives

In 2018, Marketers Must Align Their Linear Marketing Strategies to Accommodate Conversational Storytelling Initiatives The art of storytelling is an ancient art. However, for B2B marketers, the whole context of storytelling has changed with powerful audience data and insight-based technologies driving the modern marketing campaigns. The purpose of any content presentation is to deliver a relevant message to the audience-- easily understood, retained for long, and easy to reproduce in the future. To understand how…