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5 Marketing Technologies Every CMO Should Have in Their Stack

The rise of tech-savvy CMOs is an ominous sign of how quickly marketing teams are adopting new technologies to fine-tune business decisions. Technology in marketing campaigns drives brand awareness and keeps CMOs accountable, enabling them to focus on strategic business goals rather than spending (unprofitable) attention over silos. While digital marketing in 2005-2015 was largely confined to B2C and e-commerce, the latest statistics on marketing automation reveal how quickly B2B marketing professionals are inflating their…

MarTech Primer: How to do Account-Based Marketing in 2017

The Rise and Rise of Account Based Marketing What kale was to the food industry in 2012, ABM or account-based marketing is to the world of marketing in 2017. Much like how kale has been around for centuries before becoming every celebrity, A-lister, and the Instagram populace’s food-to-swear-by, the now-talked-about ABM too has been around for a while, albeit on a structurally different plate and without being explicitly termed as ABM. Corporate giants have been using account centric strategies for a while now, but of…