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CMOs Asked for Voice Call Integration with CRM. Salesforce Delivers It with a Touch of AI.

Martech Leader Salesforce Announced Service Cloud Voice to Sync Voice Calls and Digital Channels into CRM Data Salesforce's latest product launch would put any Customer Success agent on a high. Salesforce customers can now leverage Salesforce CRM to harness voice call data and analytics for their marketing and sales campaigns. The new Cloud platform is laced with new-age capabilities, including AI recommendations, speech-to-text transcription, omni-channel Customer Intelligence connected to the Salesforce CRM.…

Fuel Cycle FCX Delivers Better Customer Insights for Unified Market Research

Fuel Cycle FCX Delivers the Combination of Behavioral Data with Stated Preference Data (Like Survey Data) Enabling Insights Professionals with Context-Driven Marketing Research Last week, at the Martech Conference 2018, leading marketing insights platform, Fuel Cycle launched Fuel Cycle Exchange (FCX). To better understand why Fuel Cycle launched a new product for market research suite, and how marketers could benefit from Fuel Cycle FCX, we spoke to Rick Kelly. Rick is the VP Product Marketing at Fuel Cycle. Why did…