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Top Challenges Digital Marketing Agencies Are Facing

The Digital Marketing world is changing rapidly and the recent COVID-19 pandemic brings new challenges for agencies. Many can no longer rely on the same techniques they’ve used in previous years. Instead, agencies must ride the waves of change and be quick to adapt to stay afloat.  Here’s a look at some of the top challenges Digital Marketing agencies are currently facing. Adoption of New Technology According to the Gartner CMO Spend survey 2019-2020, MarTech spend now accounts for 26% of total Marketing budgets…

Seven Areas Where MarTech CMOs Are Most Likely to Spend

Last month, MarTech Series published its take on Gartner’s report for Seven areas that the CMO will most likely spend in 2019. The seven areas are: 1. Digital Marketing 2. MarTech 3. Advertising 4. Workshorses 5. Innovation 6. Customer Experience 7. Personalization Gartner predicts that 29% of the annual CMO budget will be disbursed towards MarTech. Now, we are jotting down industry chatter around the report. Tech Feed from the Industry For industry stalwarts, the budget allocation comes as no surprise. Due to…