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MarTech Interview with Ken Brook, Founder and CEO at MetaX

"The Digital Advertising ecosystem is one of the most suitable environments for leveraging Blockchain transparency." Tell us about your role and journey into Technology. What inspired you to start at MetaX? I am the CEO and Founder of MetaX. I have been working in Advertising Technology since 2012. Prior to starting MetaX in 2016, I founded several Advertising Technology companies and through experience, learned the Digital Advertising industry was fundamentally flawed. I began exploring new ways of addressing the known…

Beware: Ad Fraud is Not a Harmless Crime

Ad fraud impacts real people with real lives, sometimes putting them in mortal danger, and we should be paying more attention to this reality. We typically think of ad fraud as click spamming, SDK spoofing, device farms, and bots delivering fake impressions—stuff that causes brands to lose money (lots of it), but ad fraud can be much more nefarious. Brands are often construed as the main victims of ad fraud because they have the largest at stake. No doubt, this is a giant issue and one that, in full disclosure, my company…