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Why the Death of Cookies Means Profit for Google

If you thought Google’s announcement regarding the elimination of cookies from Chrome in 2 years was only about consumer privacy, you’re wrong. It’s all about revenue. Google has spent the last 20 years perfecting their Advertising business model, and what better way to protect your ownership of audience data than removing the other options. Most research shows that Google owns between 60-70% of the share of usage across all browser types, with the next highest competitors tied fairly evenly at 9% for Firefox and Safari…

Emodo Unveils First-Ever Institution for the Mobile Programmatic Ecosystem

Emodo Launches First-Ever Educational Initiative to Tackle Advertising’s Data Illiteracy Problem Emodo, Ericsson’s mobile advertising and data monetization platform, announced the launch of the Emodo Institute. Emodo Institute is a brand new program focused on the research, education, and resolution of the mobile data concerns that hinder the effectiveness of mobile programmatic advertising. The Institute seeks to help advertisers, agencies, and solution providers master best practices, increase their understanding of…