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Multi-Channel Attribution Modeling

Primer Series: The Marketing Attribution Ladder

While the marketing ecosystem continues to evolve at a dramatic pace, the crux of every business remains unchanged. That is, to improve satisfaction across the customer journey. The art and science of Marketing Attribution exemplifies this objective. Read the full blog here.Subscribe to our Infographics and Primer Series to get familiar with the latest in Marketing, Sales and Customer Support. Write to us at to share your insights.

How Rich Real-Time Data is Accelerating Partner Marketing 

Years ago, partner marketers cared primarily about a couple of metrics – how many sales were driven and who was the responsible for the click that brought the customer to the website. Oh, how times have changed. Today’s leading merchants are taking a more comprehensive approach to collecting and using data -- to understand users, track and optimize buyer flows, and determine the specific role that partnerships play in the marketing mix. My company tracks and analyzes partner marketing programs, and from this unique…