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Throw out the NPS Playbook! Create a CX Strategy That Works

Net Promoter System (NPS) for measuring customer experience is no longer serving your brand The customer experience (CX) world is fundamentally changing. Customers are savvier, more demanding, and expect personalization and prompt attention. Because they’re exposed to a broader range of products and services from a variety of businesses, they have every opportunity to shop around. But businesses can survive and thrive in this environment by listening to customers, understanding their experience and responding quickly to…

Pendo Introduces Pendo Vox to Democratize Access to the Net Promoter System

Pendo Vox Provides a Free Email and In-App Tool for Collecting and Analyzing Customer Sentiment Pendo, creator of the leading product cloud for digital products and data-driven product teams, announced Pendo Vox, a free tool that helps product teams quickly and easily collect, analyze, and share user feedback in any web or mobile app and via email using the Net Promoter System®️. Pendo Vox launches publicly at the Mind the Product conference in San Francisco. Pendo Vox Makes it Easier To Implement and Measure Customer…