Pendo Introduces Pendo Vox to Democratize Access to the Net Promoter System

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Pendo Vox Provides a Free Email and In-App Tool for Collecting and Analyzing Customer Sentiment

Pendo, creator of the leading product cloud for digital products and data-driven product teams, announced Pendo Vox, a free tool that helps product teams quickly and easily collect, analyze, and share user feedback in any web or mobile app and via email using the Net Promoter System®️. Pendo Vox launches publicly at the Mind the Product conference in San Francisco.

Pendo Vox Makes it Easier To Implement and Measure Customer Experience Metrics

According to the May 2018 Gartner report “Customer Experience 2018 Benchmarks: Turning Return on Investment Into Reality,” two of the top three customer experience priorities for 2018 is to collect and analyze feedback and communicate actions to employees and customers, and to implement and measure customer experience metrics (n=209).

At the time of this announcement, Todd Olson, CEO and co-founder of Pendo, said, “Product teams that aren’t collecting NPS data are probably flying blind.”

Pendo Vox provides a direct solution to both priorities, making it easy to capture qualitative feedback using NPS, the most popular and widely accepted method for understanding customer sentiment and gauging user satisfaction. Using Pendo Vox, product teams can —

  • Create an NPS poll and one-question survey.
  • Deliver the survey in-app or through email to targeted customer segments.
  • Track NPS score, response rate, and distribution, and compare across segments and over time.
  • Integrate poll responses with Slack to share NPS scores and verbatims with their entire team in real-time for fast follow-up and a continuous pulse of user happiness.

Todd added, “Pendo Vox is our answer to this. This is a particularly important product release for me, both because Pendo’s lack of email support had been a long-time adoption barrier for our NPS features; and because, by making Pendo Vox free forever, every single product team on the planet now has the chance to collect NPS data.”

How Pendo Vox Works?

Pendo first introduced in-app NPS polls and surveys to customers in February 2016. Since that time, Pendo customers have reported 2-10X increases in responses when they poll users while logged into their software. Henry Schein, a global distributor of health and dental supplies, increased its NPS score by 43 points in under six months after using Pendo for NPS. Public relations software TrendKite doubled the number of responses from previous surveys, using feedback to improve its onboarding experience and help users discover more capability within the platform.

With Pendo Vox, the company is making select features of its commercial product available for every product team to use free of charge.

Using Pendo Vox, product teams can deploy an NPS survey in their app or website within minutes by pasting a couple lines of JavaScript into the code and then using the step-by-step wizard to design a survey and select a target audience. A new integration allows users to deploy the same survey via email to reach a different or perhaps less active segment of customers. This is important for targeting a representative sample of respondents including both active users who respond to a survey in-app and less active users who are better engaged by email.

A simple dashboard allows product teams and their colleagues to track NPS scores and analyze feedback in real-time. These teams can then compare scores across customer segments to help identify product issues as well as potential advocates, or customers at risk for churn.

Currently, Pendo provides user insight, user guidance and user communication for digital product teams. With Pendo, these product teams can understand product usage, collect feedback, measure NPS, onboard users, and announce new features in-app—all without requiring engineering resources.

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