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TechBytes with Lee Walsh, Regional Managing Director, NewBase

Lee Walsh Regional Managing Director, NewBase Programmatic advertising is a fascinating technology. Each geography is growing at its own 'sweet' pace. Asia, in particular, is more diverse and complex compared to the markets in the Americas and Europe. Lee Walsh, Regional Managing Director, NewBase, gives us an inside view of the Asian advertising ecosystem and helps us to understand the nature of the American and European digital advertising markets.Tell us about your role at NewBase and the team/technology you handle.…

Global CMOs Appreciating the Rise in Status but Feeling the Pressure, Says a Study by NewBase

The Report, Titled The Evolving Marketer, Shows That CMOs Feel Their Status Has Risen as Marketing's Value in Driving Revenue Has Come to the Fore NewBase, the marketing and advertising consultancy, recently launched its latest report “The Evolving Marketer”. This global study of senior marketing leaders reveals five key themes firmly on the CMO agenda: revenue generation, customer experience, data, content and processes. Only four in ten CMOs are going to increase advertising spend but three quarters (72%) are…