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MarTech Interview with Nicole Amsler, VP of Marketing at Formation

"As marketers get more clarity around the definition of personalization, I believe we will see more development of customer-centric approaches in marketing." Journey into Tech You come from a very interesting background. From Aeronautical Engineering to heading Marketing at - tell us about this enriching journey. I’m an Engineer by degree, but have now worked in the Marketing industry for more than 20 years. I have a very technical background -- I received my BS in Aeronautical Engineering from Cal Poly…

Interview with Nicole Amsler, VP, Marketing at Cloudinary

"A DAM solution should be the foundation for orchestrating unique customer experiences across various channels"On Marketing Technology MTS: Tell us a bit about your role at Cloudinary and how you got there? I have more than two decades of experience shaping and implementing corporate marketing strategies. I built marketing engines and teams from the ground up at my previous positions as VP of demand marketing before Cloudinary, — including 5 startups, 2 of which went IPO and the third had a successful acquisition. I…