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Five Ways Artificial Intelligence is Transforming B2B Sales

A Brief Insight Into How Artificial Intelligence Has Changed the Business Landscape Everybody knows ‘The Power of Now’, and that’s exactly why you should know and adopt AI. Artificial Intelligence is no more a theory of the future as it continues to have an unprecedented impact on businesses globally. In less than 10 years, B2B enterprises have begun to implement Artificial Intelligence (AI) to accelerate their growth and revenues. All the fears of humans losing their jobs to AI and machines may not be true after all,… Expands Horizon in Relationship Intelligence with New Tool for Sales

To Further Grow Expertise in Relationship Intelligence, Responds to Google’s Launch of ‘Nudges’, the leading relationship intelligence platform, has advanced its solution that empowers businesses to build relationships at scale. As Google announces a ‘smart reply’ feature to Gmail, has launched intelligent follow-up cadences that set and manage reminders based on relationship strength, and smart templates that allow instant personalization of email outreach. Read More: Ask Yourself, What’s… Launches Zero Setup Account-Based Sales Solution Launched an Account-Based Sales Solution That Uses Artificial Intelligence to Identify Target Accounts, Existing Relationships, and Key Actions to Drive Sales, the leading relationship intelligence platform, has launched an account-based sales solution that can start without any configuration. While most account-based platforms take time to setup, uses artificial intelligence to immediately identify target accounts, the relationships that already exist, and important actions to drive a sale.…

Interview with Kristine Steuart, CEO And Co-Founder, Allocadia

"The success of the #RunMarketing movement is due to the need for marketers to better manage all of the operational aspects of marketing." Tell us about your role and how you got here. What inspired you to start a MarTech company?           The Allocadia story, like many entrepreneurs, starts with experiencing a big, challenging problem first-hand. I was working in marketing at a global high-tech company in Vancouver, Canada. My colleagues and I managed our multi-million dollar marketing investments in multiple…