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TechBytes with Josh Baumrind, SVP of Partners and Corporate Development, Evergage

Josh Baumrind SVP of Partners and Corporate Development, Evergage The 'Power of 1' in omnichannel marketing. Sounds very promising to marketers, but could be the hardest to achieve, especially when there is an ever-growing number of marketing channels to focus on in 2018. Is it merely delivering a more effective, dynamic customer experience; or does it go beyond the contemporary standards of "in-the-moment" engagements with the customers! To better understand the "Power of 1" concept by Evergage, we spoke to Josh…

Evergage, Sophelle and One Step Retail Solutions Form Alliance – Enabling Retailers to Deliver Personalized Customer Experiences

Partners Working to Bridge the ‘Omnichannel Gap’ and Deliver a Richer, More Valuable Experience to Every Customer in Real Time – Online and in Stores – Using One Customer Data Platform Evergage, Sophelle, and One Step Retail Solutions announced an alliance to empower retailers to finally offer a truly unified and personalized experience for each customer across all digital channels and customer touchpoints, and during the in-store engagement. The partnership combines Evergage’s real-time personalization technology and…