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New CardLinx Data Study Shows Strong Growth and Innovation in Card-linking

Data Forums Launched in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom for 2019 The CardLinx Association released new data from the 2019 Card-Linking and O2O Industry Annual Survey and announced new commerce data forums in the USA, Canada and The United Kingdom. The 2019 CardLinx study reveals the rapid growth of card-linking and online-to-offline commerce with 44% of participants reporting over 100% annual growth in card-linked transactions. “Card-linked marketing has the ability to reach most consumers in the US and we…

TechBytes with Patrick D. Mahoney, President and CEO, IEEE GlobalSpec

Patrick D. Mahoney President and CEO, IEEE GlobalSpec Since its first notification, GDPR has proved to be the biggest disruption to business in the European Union. Today, Chief Data Officers and Privacy Officers have become the ubiquitous positions for all companies to ensure they are on the right side of GDPR compliance. To better understand the role of CEOs and CMOs in a GDPR ecosystem, we spoke to Patrick D. Mahoney, President and CEO, IEEE GlobalSpec. Tell us about your role at IEEE GlobalSpec and the…