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How Deep is the Permeation of Artificial Intelligence?

AI and ML Are Being Shaped into the New-Generation High-Tech Atmospheres That Are Slowly but Surely, Taking over the World Artificial Intelligence or AI has sunk its roots deep into the world of technology. We’d read sci-fi novels implementing ghost tech that is surreal. Today, a lot of that sci-fi technologies are realistically possible (or inching closer to reality), since we’ve reached that platform of intelligence and ability. AI has powered numerous platforms with revolutionized content. AI-driven technology…

Optimove Acquires DynamicMail Business to Expand Email Capabilities

The Acquisition of DynamicMail Strengthens Optimove's Existing Email Capabilities and Provides Advanced Email Solutions for Smart Marketing Teams Optimove, the maker of Relationship Marketing Hub, has acquired DynamicMail business from PowerInbox. PowerInbox is a leader in email real-time personalization and dynamic subscriber engagement. PowerInbox's email components enable additional highly engaging content, such as video, countdown timers, store locators, and carousels. Read More: Award-Winning Data Science Startup…