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Is Person-Based Marketing an Upgrade to ABM?

Person-Based Marketing Means You Get to Talk to the Person, so You Know Who Sees Your Message and What Is Relevant for This Person to Use in Your Communication Your customers are real people, and they want to be treated with real experiences. That's the whole context of Person-based marketing (PBM). Customers react to personalized experiences positively compared to bland, traditional messages, promoted across marketing channels, sans logic. Earlier this month, Influ2 platform, powered by machine learning, announced the…

Conflating Identity With Identity Services – Why Platforms Should Focus on the Latter

As people-based marketing (PBM) became the hottest acronym in the ever-expanding library of adtech terminology, so began the race to paint a proprietary ‘Identity’ vision. Whilst the web has always been about knowing something about the anonymous user (intent, context, demo etc), the emergence of targeting capabilities leveraging highly scaled with 1st party deterministic data has increased the pressure on any adtech Platform to tell a more concise Identity story. More precisely, the burning question became ‘what’s your…