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Pierre-Loic Assayag

MarTech Interview with Pierre-Loic Assayag, CEO and Co-Founder at Traackr

"A brand has to genuinely be better than the alternatives and marketers have to be smarter than the competition." Tell us about your role and journey into Technology. What inspired you to start Traackr? It’s been a journey indeed! I started my career in Marketing for Procter & Gamble and Peugeot in Europe, before immigrating to the United States from France, by way of the UK and Spain, and transitioning to an internet technology entrepreneur 20 years ago. I refer to myself as a “recovering marketer” because when I…

Influencer Solutions Will Become a Core Component of the Marketing Stack

Traackr's Latest Funding Round Has Drawn Attention to Influencer Solutions and Management Platforms  It's a great time to be in the social media marketing business. With the rise of social media marketing and the effectiveness of social media influencer management platforms, businesses are leading their way into embracing a swifter and a clearer digital transformation. One such martech company, Traackr, helps businesses with powerful influencer analytics. Using Traackr, you can scale influencer marketing with one…