Influencer Solutions Will Become a Core Component of the Marketing Stack

Traackr’s Latest Funding Round Has Drawn Attention to Influencer Solutions and Management Platforms 

It’s a great time to be in the social media marketing business. With the rise of social media marketing and the effectiveness of social media influencer management platforms, businesses are leading their way into embracing a swifter and a clearer digital transformation. One such martech company, Traackr, helps businesses with powerful influencer analytics. Using Traackr, you can scale influencer marketing with one system-of-record —  one central database, common workflows, data-driven influencer vetting and a framework for consistent measurement. Last month, Traackr raised $9 million Series B funding led by Workhorse Capital.

Pierre-Loïc Assayag, Founder & CEO, Traackr

We spoke to the CEO and Co-founder of the international Influencer Management platform, Pierre-Loic Assayag about the role of Influencer Management and Marketing platforms in a modern CMO’s tech stack.

‘State of Marketing Automation for Influencers’

The evolution of influencer solutions for B2B marketing companies is set on a clear roadmap. For the Traackr CEO, solutions that treat the influencer relationship as transactional will have greater difficulty in gaining traction because more and more companies are coming to the realization that influence cannot be treated like an ad-buy.

Pierre said, “Analytics that help companies measure and manage influencer programs will drop old measures like EMV (earned media value) and move into metrics that are more aligned with the goals of influencer programs.”

Pierre added, “Influencer solutions will become a core piece of the marketing stack. Inward-looking solutions that just focus on simplifying and magnifying an internal process will fade, while solutions that take the customer’s perspective and experience into account will flourish.”

Martech Funding Round and the Road to Success

The Series B round was a natural next step for the company. Pierre revealed, “The importance of influencer marketing within Fortune 1000 organizations has been rapidly growing, and we could not keep pace in our current state. The market was growing quicker than we were, and we wanted to ensure the company could adequately serve that expected growth.”

Our performance in the past year helped Traackr raise this funding round

The Traackr CEO added, “We have been focused on measured and intelligent growth, which means being a very fiscally disciplined SaaS business while solving fundamental problems for our customers. Our approach was very appealing to our lead investor, Workhorse Capital.”

With this investment round, Traackr is doubling down on sales and marketing efforts where they have seen success in the past.

Funding Capitalization

This round will continue to drive growth in sales, marketing, and customer success across the globe for influencer solutions. Increasing the depth of data and range of platforms covered will also be a priority for Traackr’s product and engineering teams.

Influencer Marketing Platforms: Plugging the Gap Between B2B Vendors and Customers

During the chat, Pierre mentioned how, using Traackr’s influencer solutions, B2B companies better connect with their customers by providing them an effective means to scale, manage and measure their influencer programs.

He said, “Global brands use Traackr for vetting influencers, fostering relationships and measuring the engagement and impact of influencer partnerships. Our customers can build influencer programs that are based on long-term, authentic relationships, that in turn, creates a trusted rapport with current and potential customers.”

Traackr is a scalable option for influencers and social media advertisers.

Pierre stated, “We are focused on serving global brands, and a part of that focus, we have architected our solution to address the needs of those larger organizations. Core to that is our ability to integrate influencer marketing across programs, and brands and coordinate influencer outreach across teams and geographies.”

Artificial intelligence and machine learning, currently very much a part of their core product, would continue to get further refined to benefit current crop of B2B marketing and sales teams. Pierre said, “We are already using machine learning technologies to help us discover and make sense of the social networks that we work with. We expect that our investment and work in that area will continue to increase over time.”


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