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PushSpring Expands Audience Marketplace With 20 New Data Providers

Tivo, IRI, American Student Among Data Leaders to Join Innovative New Platform PushSpring, the fastest growing data buying platform, announced that 20 data providers have joined PushSpring’s Audience Marketplace, providing a seamless audience creation and activation experience for data buyers. PushSpring’s platform launched in Q2 and democratized data buying with a streamlined UI, visual audience discovery experience, and intuitive audience creation tools. This solution revolutionizes the data buying experience…

Kochava Releases Campaign Traffic Insights Report

Index Ranks Media Partners Based on the Completeness of Data Sent, Fraud, Quality, and Strength of Correlation Between Clicks and Installs Kochava Inc., the leader in measurement and attribution for mobile and connected devices, announces the Kochava Traffic Index, an objective, data-driven ranking of media partners available to marketers as a free quarterly report. The report highlights the top 20 media partners, providing marketers with insights on which ones perform highest in the areas of data signal quality, freedom…