Kochava Releases Campaign Traffic Insights Report

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Index Ranks Media Partners Based on the Completeness of Data Sent, Fraud, Quality, and Strength of Correlation Between Clicks and Installs

Kochava Inc., the leader in measurement and attribution for mobile and connected devices, announces the Kochava Traffic Index, an objective, data-driven ranking of media partners available to marketers as a free quarterly report. The report highlights the top 20 media partners, providing marketers with insights on which ones perform highest in the areas of data signal quality, freedom from fraud, user retention, and correlation of clicks to installs.

“Because of our leadership in attribution and analytics, we are uniquely positioned to benchmark the quality of signal needed for actionable insights. While the digital advertising industry has grown significantly over the past five years, the transparency of the industry has decreased. Our strength in understanding signal and the correlation of signal to marketing outcomes has driven the creation of the Kochava Traffic Index,” said Kochava CEO, Charles Manning. “By releasing this report, we can provide all marketers with insights into inventory performance to help inform their choice of media partners.”

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Marketers have thousands of media partners to choose from when deciding where to run their campaigns. Understanding the quality of available inventory is daunting at best. Even after a campaign is launched, bad signal and the presence of fraud can yield inaccurate campaign data that is often undetected. The Kochava Traffic Index informs marketers by identifying media partners with the cleanest traffic based on the following metrics:

  • Signal clarity: the integrity of data input/output (impressions, clicks, and postbacks) reported to the attribution provider
  • Fraud: percent of fraudulent traffic
  • Quality: retention of active users beyond 30 days
  • Correlation: the statistical relationship between clicks and conversions

Marketers welcome the index: “Kochava has been a trusted measurement provider in helping us develop our mobile marketing strategies to gain the highest quality traffic and combat fraudulent activity. We’re excited to leverage the Kochava Traffic Index to further optimize those strategies,” said Oliver Daniel, Country Manager Audible DACH.

Ranked among the top 20 media partners this quarter are AppLike, Chartboost,  Leadbolt, Liftoff, Manage, Moloco, Pandora, Pinsight, Pinterest and Vungle.

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“People come to Pinterest to explore their individual tastes and preferences and as a result businesses can get relevant and personalized ideas in front of the right people at the right time. Our number one position on the Kochava Traffic Index highlights our ability to deliver quality consumer engagement and scale to businesses,” said Michael Akkerman, Head of Pinterest Marketing Partners.

“Pandora works hard to deliver high quality premium inventory to our clients. The Kochava Traffic Index adds to our confidence that we are delivering what we intend,” said Patrick Schmidt, VP, Performance & Hybrid Sales for Pandora.

“Chartboost is very excited to be included in the Kochava Traffic Index. The data from the KTI has helped us improve and monitor our traffic with Kochava and better serve our common customers,” said Pepe Agell, Chief Strategy Officer for Chartboost.

Self-attributing networks (SANs, such as Facebook and Google) do not pass the full stream of impression and click data to third-party measurement providers, and are therefore excluded from the general index. Kochava runs algorithms on SANs and reports the top five in their own section of the report.

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