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World’s Leading Photo Animation App Plotaverse Released For Android

The Long Wait for Android Patrons is over, with the Release of Free Plotaverse App Currently in Beta Millions of Plotaverse fans have been sharing their looping Plotagraph GIFs all across social media. But on Thursday, April 12th, Plotaverse's photo animation app silently emerged from beta in the Google Play store. Loved by artists and social media surfers, Plotaverse is a must-have for anybody who wants to stand out in saturated media feeds. Simply start with a single still photo, add movement with a few finger swipes…

Plotaverse Makes Facebook’s Top 10 Apps List

Plotaverse Sped Past Advertising Giants to Secure a Spot on Facebook's Top 10 App List within a Year.  Plotaverse became one of ten answers in Facebook's advice for creating great ads without the dreaded and costly content creation process. Quickly bypassing established app giants, the young startup's iOS app made the list of Facebook's top 10 mobile apps. The photo app's outstanding animation features allow businesses of any caliber to create impactful ads fast and on a budget. But how did Plotaverse's 8 months old…