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Why is Delivering Online Customer Experience Actually Harder to Measure than Anticipated

Most online businesses are scurrying to find the best definition to Customer Experience. Without fully understanding the benchmark of Customer Experience and related analytics, marketing teams often miss their own objectives of delivering relevant personalization. Whether it's Instagram advertising or a transactional email newsletter, your customers expect consistent branding and messaging that further strengthens the brand-individual relationship. We spoke to Ben Jabbawy, Founder and CEO of, the leading…

Ask Yourself, What’s Bringing Audiences to Your Website?

Privy's CEO Ben Jabbawy Tells Us How to Draw Audiences to Your Website  Did you know that ninety-eight percent of the visitors to your website may actually never convert! With an ever-expanding universe of digital businesses catering to an almost similar set of audiences, the chances of converting and reaching a higher percentage of the audience could actually be even smaller. To help small businesses and retailers understand the true state of marketing and sales automation and the power of optimized email lists, Privy…