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What Is Affiliate Marketing and How Can You Get Involved?

There are a lot of different ways to make money nowadays. On top of working everyday jobs, people are investing in the stock market. People are gambling. People are using survey sites. All of these methods can make people a fair amount of cash on the side of their normal jobs, but there are better ways to do it. We aren’t saying our method is the only one out there, but there are certainly a lot of worse ways to go about it. We’re talking about Affiliate Marketing, and chances are you’ve never heard of this before.…

Pull up to the Bumper: How Any Business Can Access Effective Video Advertising

Creating impactful ads that drive Sales is a lifetime pursuit for many creatives. You just need to look at the weeklong festival of video advertising that takes place every June in Cannes, France, to see just how seriously the business of communication is taken. But, for the most part, events such as Cannes Lions showcase million and multi-million-pound campaigns that have been worked on by global teams over months and months, guided by client teams, themselves with multiple roles dedicated to advertising. Most businesses…