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Interview with Doug Randall, CEO, Protagonist

"The creative aspect of marketing can’t be replicated by a machine and humans will always be part of utilizing the data that AI delivers." On Marketing Technology MTS: Tell us about your role and how you got here? What inspired you to start a narrative analytics company? When I co-founded Protagonist, I didn’t really know we were building a narrative analytics company when we first started. I had been working in a boutique consulting firm after grad school on the East Coast, but became intrigued by what was happening in…

Protagonist Announces New Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Powered Solutions to Give Marketers Empathy at Scale

New Suite of Narrative Analytics Solutions Allows Brands to Quantify and Utilize Beliefs for Higher Engagement Protagonist, the Narrative Analytics company, announced newly expanded capabilities for understanding and engaging with audiences, leveraging deeply held beliefs and communications across all forms of media. The new marketing and communications offerings add data-driven messaging, channel strategy development and brand signature tracking to the Protagonist Platform. Protagonist’s intellectual property,…