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Rockerbox Attribution Platform Arrives to Democratize Access To Attribution Solutions

Rockerbox Attribution Platform has The Wall Street Journal, SquareFoot and Open Listings Among Launch Partners  Rockerbox, the creator of Recency Activation technology, unveiled its latest offering, Rockerbox Attribution Platform. Built on the success of the company’s Recency Activation technology and experience working with marketers of all sizes, Rockerbox Attribution Platform provides advanced multi-touch attribution and modeling that were previously only available to the largest marketers and brands. Recommended…

Rockerbox Acquires Eventable To Expand Suite Of Marketing Technology For Brands

Eventable’s Calendar Marketing Technology and Team will Result in Smarter Marketing Solutions from Rockerbox In a latest Martech acquisition update, Rockerbox, the creator of recency marketing and the Rockerbox Attribution Platform, has announced that it has acquired Eventable. Eventable is a leading calendar marketing platform. Eventable’s calendar marketing platform has been used by more than 12,000 brands and organizations to engage their audiences through calendar applications and drive timely action.  Recommended…