Rockerbox Acquires Eventable To Expand Suite Of Marketing Technology For Brands

Eventable’s Calendar Marketing Technology and Team will Result in Smarter Marketing Solutions from Rockerbox

In a latest Martech acquisition update, Rockerbox, the creator of recency marketing and the Rockerbox Attribution Platform, has announced that it has acquired Eventable. Eventable is a leading calendar marketing platform. Eventable’s calendar marketing platform has been used by more than 12,000 brands and organizations to engage their audiences through calendar applications and drive timely action.

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Rockerbox offers two core technologies — Recency Activation and Rockerbox Attribution Platform. Recency Activation has been used by brands like Citibank and Shutterstock to successfully run prospecting campaigns based on hyper recent behaviors. The Rockerbox Attribution Platform offers best-in-class multi-touch attribution, enabling marketers to effectively analyze and optimize their media spend. Eventable enables innovative brands to communicate with their customers through native calendar platforms.

With this agreement, Eventable will maintain its brand and service as one of Rockerbox’s product offerings. In addition, Eventable co-founders Sameen Karim and Akash Malhotra, along with key team members, will be joining the Rockerbox team.

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Ron Jacobson
Ron Jacobson

At the time of this announcement, Ron Jacobson, CEO of Rockerbox said, “Rockerbox has worked with Eventable over the past three years. With this acquisition, Rockerbox is adding a set of robust technologies, fantastic customers and talented team members that will help us accelerate growth.”

Ron added, “Eventable allows us to provide our customers with a differentiated service that helps marketers drive better conversions and results.”

Eventable works with a wide spectrum of companies, from fast-growing e-commerce sites and Fortune 500 brands to nonprofit organizations and universities. The addition of Eventable will strengthen Rockerbox’s arsenal of marketing solutions, while Eventable customers stand to gain new insights from Rockerbox’s multi-touch attribution suite.

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Sameen Karim
Sameen Karim

Sameen Karim, Eventable Co-founder and CEO, said, “We are thrilled to join forces with Rockerbox and continue our mission of helping marketers deliver relevant messaging to the right customer. Rockerbox’s global scale and innovative technology provide a tremendous opportunity to rapidly accelerate Eventable’s business. We’re excited to unlock some tremendous opportunities for our clients.”

Eventable has raised $1.2 million in venture financing from investors including Alchemist Accelerator, Right Side Capital, Steelhead Ventures, Russ Holdstein (Zillow, StubHub) and Howard Love (HotelTonight).

Eventable enables innovative brands to communicate with their customers through native calendar platforms. As a leading provider of calendar-based marketing solutions, the company has helped over 12,000 businesses drive engagement and customer retention.

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