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Revenue Summit 2018

Here’s What Was on Everyone’s Take-Away List at Revenue Summit 2018

The One-Day Event Talked About the Most Innovative and Actionable Best Practices to Scale Revenue While Being a Phenomenal Destination for C-Level Enterprise Leaders, Junior Sales, Sales Management, and Demand Generation Marketers Missed one of the most amazing sales and marketing conference of this year? Don’t worry; we bring you a gist of what took place in San Francisco, California at Revenue Summit 2018. Hosted by Sales Hacker, the leading resource for sales innovation, acceleration, and the future of sales, The…

Interview with Nicolette Cieslak, Director, Demand Generation, Showpad

"As the marketing funnel evolves, it has become increasingly important for them to focus their efforts on the bottom of the funnel and help sales bring the deal across the line."Tell us a little bit about your role at Showpad and the team you handle? I lead the demand generation team globally, which includes digital marketing, programs, marketing automation, field marketing and events. My team of 10 demand marketing all-stars is spread across Europe and the US. What draws you to the Revenue Summit 2018? As a demand…