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MarTech Primer: What is BANT Framework?

In Marketing, Lead Generation is a process to initiate the interest of strangers/potential customers in your company’s product or services The industry standard to identify an opportunity is the BANT framework (Budget-Authority-Need-Timeline). BANT framework is deployed as a primary sales prospecting methodology created using four components, and customer events. About the framework BANT answers a simple question - Is the person likely to become your customer? A Salesperson needs to answer several questions to help the…

Interview with Carson Conant, Founder and CEO, Mediafly

"A buyer-driven sales journey occurs when every sales meeting and presentation is focused on the buyer and their needs."What’s the biggest attraction for you at Dreamforce 2018? Dreamforce has an infectious energy of other professionals that want to implement change. This energy and excitement attracts companies that want to improve and break new ground, rather than maintain the status quo. Who are you keen to meet and huddle at the event? Which sections would you be attending? I’m excited to meet with Mediafly’s…