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Scott Gifis

TechBytes with Scott Gifis, President at AdRoll

From the time you started at AdRoll – how much has the market of online advertising evolved?’ In some ways, the market has remained constant: marketers must identify a target audience, create a message that resonates, deliver that message efficiently, and then analyze the impact of that campaign. However, the ability to do all of that today has been shaped by the accessibility of data and measurement. Ten years ago, there were a handful of publishers with the ability to leverage targeted advertising, with their high…

Every Marketer Should Think Like a D2C Marketer

It’s no revelation that technology has changed how we interact with brands: I can get prescriptions immediately delivered to my office, custom-built furniture sent to my home, and order-in dinner from my daughters’ favorite restaurant — all with a few taps on my phone. Technology has given us personalized experiences, curated to our liking in an always-on, on-demand world. As a result, our expectations as customers have undergone tremendous change. With seemingly hundreds of new brands entering the market each week,…