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MRC Continues DoubleVerify’s Accreditation for Desktop, Mobile Web & In-App Impressions, SIVT Traffic Filtration & Viewability

DoubleVerify (DV) the leading independent provider of marketing measurement software and analytics, announced it has been granted continued accreditation by the Media Rating Council (MRC) for DV’s desktop, mobile web and mobile in-app measurement in the areas of impressions, property-level ad verification functions, sophisticated invalid traffic (SIVT) detection and filtration, and viewability measurement. Accreditation by the MRC covers metrics within DV’s existing suite of impression quality solutions, including the DV…

Oracle’s Moat Unveils New Invalid Traffic Detection Capabilities for Enhanced Brand Safety

Oracle's Moat Achieves Rigorous MRC Accreditation for SIVT of Desktop and Mobile Web Traffic Moat's Advanced Functionality Uses Insights from Oracle's Proprietary Data Assets to Help Identify Bots & Other Invalid Traffic Oracle's Moat has announced new capabilities to detect invalid traffic, including traffic from sophisticated bots designed to look like consumers. Moat's new functionality utilizes insights gained from Oracle's proprietary data assets, including its Zenedge and Dyn acquisitions. Currently,…