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Meltwater Taps Analytics to Track iPhone 12 Reactions from the #AppleEvent

Global media intelligence company, Meltwater, tracked and analyzed social media mentions around the second installment of 2020 #AppleEvent to uncover how good news does, indeed, travel fast. The report has unraveled unique nuances of Apple iPhone 12-related conversations on social media and messaging apps. Leading tech giant, Apple, has finally released the iPhone 12 that many consumers, around the world, have been asking for. When the iPhone 12 was not announced during the 15 September 2020 ‘#AppleEvent’, online…

Translate Like a Tech Giant: Machine Translation for Multilingual Websites

Tech giants are doubling down on machine translation. Here’s how other internationally-minded companies can use recent advances in artificial intelligence and machine translation to their own advantage What do Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon all have in common? For starters, they have big, global customer bases and do business in many different languages. Their websites easily change from one language or dialect to another, allowing customers to instantly find the information they seek and make purchasing…