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AirDroid Business Introduces Dynamic Mode: Remote Control With Real-Time Voice Calls And Adaptive Video Streaming

MDM Solution Enables Two-Way Communication and Smooth Video Quality to Remotely Access and Troubleshoot Devices Sand Studio, a mobile device management (MDM) solution provider, announced Dynamic Mode for AirDroid Business, which allows IT professionals and tech support teams to have access to audio while controlling an Android device remotely. In addition, Dynamic Mode can automatically adjust video quality by adapting to unstable network connection to give users the most fluid remote-control experience. Marketing…

The Lesser-Known Benefits of Tech Support for Retailers

For years, electronics retailers have been providing tech support to better serve their customers and stand out from the ever-growing competition. Providing tech support has a number of customer benefits including increasing customer confidence in making a purchase and higher levels of customer satisfaction with the product post-purchase. Retailers, in turn, reap benefits associated with happier customers—increased customer loyalty, operational cost savings from fewer product returns due to a presumed defective product,…