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AI 2020 Predictions From Tom Libretto, CMO at Pega – What’s Next for Marketing?

Marketing science catches up to the art: While once revered as more art than science, the discipline of marketing is becoming increasingly technical. As modern-day marketing practitioners, it has become table stakes to have some level of technical acumen on how the marketing technology stack plugs together. This year, CMOs will demand marketers expand their tech knowledge beyond marketing and into different business functions as marketing continues to traverse across organizational silos. At the end of the day, the more…

Amazon and Alphabet Grab Top Spots in Forbes Insights’ “50 Most Engaged Companies” List

Amazon and Alphabet take the top two spots in Forbes Insights’ “50 Most Engaged Companies” List In a recent report, Forbes Insights revealed how leaders in the B2B  and B2C industries measure their success with customer engagement. The report titled, “The New Rules of Customer Engagement: How Leading Companies Are Connecting With Customers to Drive Greater Growth”, demonstrated that leading companies are 4X more likely to register 10% growth and 3X more likely to achieve higher annual acquisition rates – between  5% and…