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TechBytes with Rob Jayson, EVP, Insights & Analytics at USIM

What does the role of data play with marketing decisions today?   As an economist and general data nerd, I want to say that nowadays data is everything for making marketing decisions but, as with most things, it is a bit more nuanced than that. Data-informed decision making is critical, but we have to marry the insights we glean from data analysis with our human sense, understanding, and empathy for our clients and their customers, especially when working with such a new set of critical issues for our clients. A…

USIM Partners with Inscape to Enable TV Attribution for Retail

Combines the power of location with the scale of TV to deliver targeted media to the right audience at the right time USIM (U.S. International Media), the fast-growing independent media agency, has announced a strategic relationship with Inscape, the leading provider of smart TV viewing data from more than 14 million smart TVs. USIM was recently recognized as the Independent Media Agency of the Year for 2019 by MediaPost based on the agency’s innovative approach to unlock location mapping and TV data and apply it in ways…