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How Real-Time Revenue Attribution Can Unlock More Revenue Per Visitor

Today’s most successful online publishers are operating according to a fundamental business truth: You have to spend money to make money. For publishers, this increasingly means investing in paid promotions of their content in order to find new audiences and the revenue that comes with them. Paid traffic has emerged as the most efficient means of growing an audience in the publishing realm. However, as more premium publishers catch on to the value of paid content distribution, too many of them are stopping short when it…

How Data Quality Affects Good Marketing Decisions

As marketers, we get disappointed and frustrated whenever we launch a campaign that does not really succeed. Most of the time we get emails bouncing back into our inboxes, or worst, we get direct emails being sent back. Having our marketing campaigns backfire is sadly a common occurrence. We all go through this. However, it does not have to be this way. We can now invest all our time, funds and efforts, to high-quality data. Most of us spend years investing in bad quality data. We never really knew how quality data could…